Aaron T. Maturen

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Web Developer with 10+ years of experience in designing and developing user interfaces, network proxies, and enterprise pipelines. Proven ability in delivering performant and well tested solutions using a wide array of technologies some of which include NodeJS, React, AngularJS, Jenkins, Groovy, Maven, Java, Spring Boot, Golang, AWS and CloudFoundry.


Sr. Software Engineer
Cengage Group

  • Create and maintain organization wide react component library with a major focus on accessibility. While mentoring developers in the frontend ecosystem.
  • Implement enterprise-wide deployment pipelines and drive adoption among teams. Being utilized to build and deploy over 800 services as of October 2021.
  • Develop custom authentication system which utilizes a custom Layer 7 Proxy to manage all state via headers.
  • Establish fine grained role-based authorization system.
  • Create a custom UI for AWS services to enable developers to manage cloud services without direct access.

2014 - Current

Saginaw Valley State University

  • Implement API service to search employees, instructors, and courses protected by OAuth2.
  • Manage migration of over 40,000 pages to new CMS via automation and custom internal tools for manual migration and checking.

2011 - 2014

Client Support
Dice Corporation

  • Provide software and systems support for clients using DICE’s central station management software.


Community Involvement

DevOps Detroit
Board Member

2017 - Current

DevOpsDays Detroit
Event Committee Member

2016 - Current

Professional Presentations

HighEdWeb 2014 Annual Conference
Extreme APIs for a Better Tomorrow

October 2014

HighEdWeb 2014 Regional Conference – Michigan
Self Conf 2014
Forms, The Universe, And Everything

May 2014
May 2014

HighEdWeb 2013 Annual Conference
ResourceSpace and Digital Asset Management

October 2013

HighEdWeb 2013 Regional Conference – Michigan
RFP to Launch

May 2013

1 Dev Day Detroit
Backbone and Friends

November 2012


M.A. Communications and Digital Media
Saginaw Valley State University

August 2014

B.S. Computer Science
Saginaw Valley State University

December 2012

B.A. French
Saginaw Valley State University

December 2012


[email protected]



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